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Diagnostic facilities at DTR include a technologically sophisticated diagnostic centre incorporating the Kin-Com isokinetic system - which is capable of evaluating 'objectively', common conditions experienced by us all .....more>>


Monday: 7am - 8pm
Tuesday 7am - 5pm
Wednesday: 8am - 5pm
Thursday: 7am - 8pm
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After consultation with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy we have decided that DTR Clinic will be open for appointments from Mon 1st June 2020. A full PPE environment will be adhered to and appointments will be on an individual basis with strict criteria enforced to protect patient well being. Appointments can be made by calling 02920 382811. Many thanks for your continued support as we are days away from our 30 year anniversary of the opening of DTR Clinic.

Choosing a physiotherapy clinic is very important. You want someone who is caring, knowledgeable and interested in you as a person.

At DTR clinic we pride ourselves on our patient service and on our technical ability to deliver excellent healthcare.

DTR clinic was established in 1990 at its current location in Cathays Terrace, Cardiff and was one of the first to combine the new physio-medical technology with that of the traditional hands on approach synonymous with physiotherapy over the ages. This combination has allowed the therapists at DTR clinic to be able to deliver a package of care that encompasses all aspects of physiotherapy.

Today we have a vibrant facility staffed by physiotherapists who in total have over 83 yrs of combined experiences in all aspects of physiotherapy knowledge and are able to plan and execute a treatment regime to cover the many and various conditions we encounter.

We welcome you to contact us to discuss any issues or problems you may have in respect of your physiotherapy healthcare.


2007 DTR Clinic Cardiff

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